Brink Farms Trucking

About Brink Farms Transportation Services

Brink Farms specializes in the transportation of non-hazardous bulk commodities and agricultural products. We offer both dump and tank transportation throughout Michigan, Ontario, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.

Some of the products we transport are fertilizer, grain, feed, foundry sand, frac Sand, pickles, carrots, salt, liquid fertilizer solutions, and many other bulk products that can be hauled in a dump or tanker. Most units are specialized to haul in excess of 50 tons.

We also offer trans-loading services from both rail to truck and truck to rail. We work in cooperation with shortline railroads that offer connections with CSX, NS, and the CN.

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Brink Farms Inc.

3393 South Lincoln Road, Hamilton, MI 49419


3393 South Lincoln Rd, Hamilton, MI 49419